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Why Nutritional Therapy?

Barbara Fiennes shares her story as to how she came to be a nutritional therapist...

With a life-long interest in food, always a lover of cooking and the variety of methods and ingredients used in cooking and diet across the world, this was enhanced when I spent time in my 20s travelling through India and Asia where I was fascinated by the breath and variety of herbs, spices and exotic vegetables on offer in day to day nutrition. I was here exposed for the first time to the healing properties of food.

When my husband was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in his 30s I was dismayed by the lack of advice he was given regarding diet by his team of doctors. He was taking a multitude of pharmaceutical drugs and still not improving along with multiple stints in hospital and talks with surgeons about how he needed to have his bowel removed. I couldn’t understand why he was being told the condition would not respond in any way (negatively or positively) to food. It was clear to me his body was depleted of nutrition as his condition meant his body could not absorb nutrients adequately. When he finally decided to take matters into his own hands and sought the help of a nutritional therapist the results were astounding. After following a strict protocol involving food and supplements he was transformed, to a point where his condition entered full remission and he no longer needed to take any drugs.

It was at this point that I decided to embark on a professional learning and training journey and so I enrolled on a 3-year practitioner training programme at the College of Naturopathic Nutrition in London. Since qualifying in 2018 I have been supporting clients on a 1:1 basis helping them to bring their bodies back to wellness and feel their very best. I am passionate about healing with a holistic approach using food and supplements. Every individual body is unique and therefore it is a personal journey where one approach to a specific condition is not necessarily the remedy for all. Each person reacts in its own individual way and therefore a tailored bespoke approach is paramount. It brings me so much joy seeing my clients recovered and feeling their very best with the right food and lifestyle tools in place.

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