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Achievable. Practical. Sustainable.

Glastonbury Tor is considered the Heart Chakra of the world and draws those seeking healing and enlightenment from all corners of the globe. The closest retreat to the Tor itself, Torside Health & Wellness offers guests a unique and unparalleled location to rejuvenate and focus on their health and wellness in this luxurious and uplifting environment.   

Torside's south-facing grounds range from formal borders to wildlife ponds, woodland and kitchen gardens. The diversity of the gardens bring many aspects of interest throughout each season and offer visitors the chance to surround themselves with the healing strength of nature all year round.  

The Retreat is tailored to a single visitor in order to provide the most tranquil experience and the most personal, bespoke care.  We offer in-depth health analysis to design a protocol in line with your health goals. A broad spectrum of treatments are available to you on site and a wellness plan will be developed for you going forward. Guests will leave revived, positive and empowered with a clear understanding of their health and wellness requirements, having begun their journey to better health and vitality. It is a place for those eager to embark on their path to better health and willing to dedicate themselves to that task. The aim is to empower you with understanding and give you the tools to better manage your health and wellness practically and permanently in the most beneficial way to you. The team at Torside recognise that embarking on your journey to better health is not always easy and are here to support and guide you. This is an ideal retreat for those who have struggled to find solutions to on-going health concerns and would like to learn more about how to help themselves to thrive again in a natural and achievable way. This is also a retreat for those interested in natural and holistic therapies but keen to apply them in a pragmatic way.  


Identify. Understand. Empower. 

At Torside Health & Wellness we believe that your health is as individual to you as you are. We treat holistically, that is to say we treat you as a whole. Because of this, we address all of your symptoms and trace them all back to the root cause. Once that is identified, the path to healing can begin. This philosophy means that your experience at the retreat will be personalised to you, taking into account not only your health but also your lifestyle, diet, personality, trauma history and so on. Director Pia Barratt likes to get to know her clients well and will have an in depth discussion with you in order to ensure the most beneficial programme is developed for you. 


Example Programme

The Cleanse

Health issues very often arise from a build up of toxicity in the body. Regular cleansing is essential for health and body maintenance. The foundation of all of our programmes is a cleanse protocol. We tailor the cleanse to your needs so that you get the most from your detox as well as the right support and guidance. We use Kinesiology and Nutritional Assessments to advise what is best for you. All cleanses are assisted with colon hydrotherapy, massage, saunas, rebounding and hot/cold therapy. Ice baths are also available.  

We build packages around our cleanse protocols to address your health needs. In this way we can address many issues including the following:

Digestive Health (addressing intolerances and gut balance)

Detoxification (liver and bowel focus)

Emotional Wellbeing (anxiety and depression management)

Hormone Rebalancing (including fertility, menopause)

Reset and Revive (addressing stress and energy levels)

Strength & Fitness (for those wishing to achieve better results)

Weight Loss (practical and long-lasting solutions)

Trauma and Grief Recovery (releasing damaging emotions from the physical body and mind)


Our standard cleanse is a 4 night package including kinesiology, colon hydrotherapy and massage:

Price: £969*

*20% discount for weekday bookings

All additional therapies incur extra cost

Where colon hydrotherapy is contraindicated another treatment can be substituted


Once we have agreed your programme there will be no additional add-on charges during your stay. Included in the price of your agreed programme are the following:

- all treatments in your programme

- private en-suite accommodation in the Chalet

- private outdoor space in the Chalet's veranda and garden

- all juices, cleansers and supplements

- in depth consultation with Pia

- unlimited access to the natural pool, IR sauna, exercise bike, inversion table and lymphatic rebounder

- luxury natural toiletries exclusively made for us

- continued support and access to one of our professionals throughout your stay

-unlimited access to the grounds at Torside 

- off-road parking

- on-going wellness plan 


Additional treatments

In addition to Kinesiology and Pilates, the retreat also offers Colon Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, Indian Head Massage, Trapeze Yoga, Iridology, Guided Meditation, Sound Healing, Qi Gong, Reflexology, Thai Massage, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Facial Drainage Massage, Mindfulness, Detox Juicing and Digestive Resets, Breath Work. There is also a natural pool, infra-red sauna, inversion table and lymphatic rebounder. 




All supplements, cleansers and ingredients for cleansing are included.  Many of the fruit and vegetables are supplied from Torside's organic kitchen garden when in season.



Four acres of diverse grounds ranging from formal borders to woodland, orchards and wildlife ponds.



A natural, chemical free swim-pond for all year round use.

Free Wifi


Free Wifi is available.

Infrared Sauna


The many benefits of an Infrared Sauna are available to guests throughout their stay.



Kinesiology, Pilates, Massage, Colon Hydrotherapy, Acupuncture, Indian Head Massage, Iridology, Shiatsu, Reiki, Breath work, Mindfulness and Meditation, Sound Healing, Qi Gong, Reflexology, Yoga, Ice Baths, Hyperbaric Chamber, Inversion Table, Lymphatic Rebounding.



Matwork and equipment  (Reformer) Pilates on site.

Local Products

The retreat uses a range of products made by local artisans. 



Free parking available on site.


See & Do


There are plenty of places to drink and dine which cater for all diets in the local area.

Cultural Sites

A plethora of historic sites and places of interest on our doorstep. The towns of Bruton, Wells, Somerton, Frome, Ilminster and Sherborne are a short distance.

Independent Shops and Artisans

A bustling high-street full of local crafts and creations.


Explore the picturesque Somerset countryside from our backdoor. 

Nature Reserves

The area is home to many species of wildlife and is excellent for bird watching.

Local Events

Enjoy the many events the town and local area host throughout the year.



Given the steep gradient of the Tor, we are unfortunately unable to provide wheelchair access. The location may not be suitable for those with severe mobility challenges. 

Getting here
We are located on the foothill of the Tor, just a few minutes walk from Glastonbury Town Centre.
The towns of Bruton, Wells, Somerton, Frome, Ilminster and Sherborne are a short distance.
Bath and Bristol are an hour's drive whilst London is 130 miles away.
Our nearest train station is Castle Cary. GWR run a regular service, only taking 1hr 40mins from London Paddington.
Bristol airport is a 40 minute drive.
We can arrange taxis upon request.  

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