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This is a bespoke retreat, our packages are tailored to each individual guest and based on their health and wellness requirements. We take one visitor at a time, the dates and duration are for you to decide and subject to availability. We like to discuss your needs with you prior to booking in order to create the most beneficial package for you. Please phone, email or complete the form below to begin your journey to empowered health. 

Book with us:

- to reset and revive

- to understand your health better and take charge of it

- to learn simple and natural ways to support and maintain your health

- to receive natural health support tailored to your needs

- because you're looking for holistic therapies applied pragmatically

- because you keep thinking there must be more you can do

- because you have lost hope and need to find the path again 

- because you've experienced some of the benefits of natural and empowered health and want to take it further

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Torside, Coursing Batch, Glastonbury. BA6 8BH. U.K.

Tel: (+44) 07900 920 379

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